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Bill Bay

William Bay is president of Mel Bay Publications, Inc. He is an accomplished guitarist and trumpet player and has performed on both instruments in a wide variety of professional settings. He is experienced as a performer and composer of music ranging from jazz and rock to the classics and sacred. He received his bachelor's degree from Washington University in St. Louis and his master's from the University of Missouri. Bill has received international acclaim for his innovative teaching methods. He has written over 200 books with sales in the millions.

"I think Bill Moll's guitars are a terrific value.They are great gigging instruments and are durable. I love their light weight and great acoustic sound. I don't want a guitar for travel or gigs that needs a security guard watching it. Bill's guitars play great and sound wonderful and they are affordable for the working musician.

I [also] have to tell you that the recording engineer really went nuts over the electric sound on the travel guitar!.He said it was both very clean and fat.