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Built primarily for fingerstylists, our OM design combines projection and punch, with a subtle harmonic richness not often found in guitars of this size.

"LI" version starts at $6,000

"LX" version starts at $8,000

Neck Dimensions

Scale length 25.50"
Nut width 1.75"
Total neck depth at first fret .75"
Neck width at12th fret 2.125"
Total neck depth at 12th fret .875"
String spacing at bridge saddle 2.250"
Neck profile tapered ellipse
Body Dimensions
Upper Bout 11.50"
Waist 9.625"
Lower bout 15.375"
Body length 19.75"
Depth at neck 3.50"
Depth at tail 4.25"
Total length 42.375"